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New sneakers and the cat in the garage

So, I left my favorite sneakers in the garage the other day. Actually, they ended up staying in there for a couple of days. I went to put them on yesterday and noticed a strange odor coming from the left shoe. I’m pretty sure the cat that’s been leaving paw prints on my car hood decided to leave its nasty scent on the left shoe. I bought these North Face sneakers at Sports Basement this evening.

I’ve been putting up with this rogue cat leaving its paw prints on my freshly washed and waxed car for several months. This latest stunt by the feline intruder means war. Granted I needed a new pair of sneakers, I don’t need the cat marking my shoes and thus dictating the timing of my shoe purchases.

For now the score is Cat 1 Doug 0

This score is going to change. The cat my not know it but it will soon be relocated to the humane society or some other locale. Does anyone have a havaheart trap I can use for a few days?

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