I have always been amazed at SOSUS, a Cold War era collaboration between multiple DOD agencies that created an underwater early warning network of listening devices that sat on the ocean floor to provide early warning detection against the threat of Soviet ballistic missile submarines. Think of SOSUS as a very long range underwater radar device.  From time-to-time I write posts or tweets with #SOSUS as a way to flag things I think are great to know about early on and with as much lead-time as possible.  I hope you enjoy the SOSUS tagged posts.

A more formal description of SOSUS – courtesy of US Navy – Undersea Warfare website

“Born of a three-way marriage of early Cold War strategic necessity, World War II progress in underwater acoustics, and an extraordinary engineering effort, the Navy’s pioneering Sound Surveillance System – SOSUS – became a key, long-range early-warning asset for protecting the United States against the threat of Soviet ballistic missile submarines and in providing vital cueing information for tactical, deep-ocean, anti-submarine warfare. And although subsequent events – most notably the end of the Cold War – robbed SOSUS of much of its mission, its history remains an object lesson in how inspired, science-based engineering development can lead to extraordinary operational effectiveness.”

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