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RIP Tony Snow

July 13, 2008 1 comment

The world of politics and political reporting will miss Tony Snow. IMHO Tony brought excellent reporting and was one of the most straightforward White House Press Secretary’s we have and probably will see in a long time.

What is a Thunder House?

Benjamin Franklin designed the thunder house to showcase the effectiveness of his invention, the lightning rod. Without the lightning rod, tall buildings were in constant threat of being struck by lighting. Franklin used his thunder house to show the disastrous effect of lighting and demonstrate how using his lighting rods could save buildings and the people within them.

In essence, the Thunder House was a place, an instrument really,  for Dr. Franklin to showcase one of his greatest inventions as well as share knowledge about electricity. This Thunder House is a place to share ideas about topics I’m passionate about, engage with community and talk candidly to spark some great conversation.

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